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Dense, long hair is like a dream nowadays. Such a dream, which is very hard to fulfill. There is a slight negligence that hair starts falling. Often there are many reasons behind hair fall, but mother-grandmothers only contradict the fact that hair is not getting worse due to non-oiling. So is oil really necessary for your hair? taking head massage in Bangalore will help you to get long and thick hair.

In your childhood, your mother will have plenty of oil in your hair. The very next day after washing hair you take take head massage. If you remember that time, then it will also be remembered that in your childhood, your hair did not break like today. Making long-standing peaks of black hair will make you move around in childhood. But is oil really beneficial for your hair? Do the conditioners or other products compensate the nutrients of oil?


Actually, oil massage is as essential for your head as much as cleaning the hair. Regardless of whether there is oil – Mustard, Coconut, Almond, Olive, Jojoba or Tea Tree Oil All oils have different properties used for head massage spa in Bangalore. Massage oil in the head, thereby accelerating blood circulation and your hair gets nutrients from the root. If it is not possible every day, then the effort should be to make sure that you have oil in the head for at least three days a week.

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Leave the oil in the hair for overnight. Before shampooing in the morning, immerse the towels in hot water and squeeze it and keep the towels wrapped in the head for half an hour. Oil will reach the roots of hair and you will get a strong and long hair gift. But only the oil will not be full from the black-dense hair. You also have to take a diet rich in nutrients.

Doctors also believe that blood massage in the head is transmitted from oil mass and the stomping ends of hair roots. It strengthens the hair and helps in fatigue and stress reduction throughout the day. Oil massage also protects your hair from the bad effects of sunshine.

In fact, there is a lot of impact on them to apply oil in the hair. It strengthens the hair from the root, the hair is stubborn, and the hair breaks are also less. Applying oil in the hair becomes a layer on them. This layer of oil comes with hair, when we use a variety of tools like hair dryer for hair styling. The whole process of massaging is also beneficial for your hair and head. Try these oils too

Mustard, coconut and Amla oil are commonly used oil for head massage. But you can also try some more oils besides these:

  • Massaging the almond oil gives hair many nutrients and they are also strong.
  • Jojoba oil works to provide moisture to the hair.
  • Lavender oil has a lot of fragrance. It is helpful to remove dandruff and reduce hair loss.
  • Rosemary oil is very fragrance and it reduces irritation, rubbish etc. in the head.
  • Tea Tree Oil eliminates the problem of bacteria and fungus. It is also used in combination with other oils.
  • Jojoba oil helps prevent hair from falling.
  • Applying olive oil prevents the formation of DTH harmos, which reduces the problem of hair loss.

This does not prevent hair loss due to oiling by oiling , because there can be several reasons behind hair loss. Hair loss does not start with not just oiling.

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