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If you turn the pages of history then you’ll not be surprised enough to see Ayurveda ruling the medical world. No wonder, the reason being the range of herbs that are used in the process of the therapy. Even though the procedure has become centuries old, not a part of it has shed off yet. To surprise, the practice has evolved quite a lot recent and thus, even sitting in metro cities like Bangalore, you can avail of such luxury Ayurvedic spas.

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Abhyanga, being one of the oldest ayurvedic massage practices, is practiced in a major number of spa and massage centers in Bangalore. It is a full-body warm oil massage procedure where specific ayurvedic types of oils are used, namely, sesame, coconut, sunflower, mustard, and almond. During the massage, a series of strokes and pressures, which ensures the better circulation of blood throughout the body.

According to the facts, it is assumed that if you want to prevent the process of aging and degeneration, then practicing it will definitely help. Moreover, the particular Ayurveda massage is also known to have a greater impact, both physically and mentally. It is also often advised by the health care advisors too to get relief from the body and muscle stiffness and get rid of fatigue.


Much similar to Navarkizhi, Elakizhi is a rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatment and is done only by using the various types of herbs. The herbs used here are mostly Nirgundi, Eranda, Rasna, and many more. Some leaves and herbal ingredients are first fried in oil and then tied into clear clothes, which are then enclosed and tied in a “potli” when it is hot. These tied clothes are then dipped in medicinal oils and pressed on the body tissues during the massage. Based on research, it has been said that the particular massage has proved to be highly beneficial to treat the conditions of back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, spondylitis, and more. Besides, it also makes sure that the skin of the body remains toned and promotes blood circulation.

Greeva vasti

Prepared with warm herbal oil, Green vasti is first poured inside a container in the black gram paste, which then spreads on the neck for a prolonged duration. The particular ayurvedic oil is highly beneficial and has great healing properties. Once the oil is massaged on the body, it filters the blood and enriches it, and also maintains the muscle strength besides lubricating the joints. Especially for those who experience body pain and back pain, the oil can come as a great relief.

Kati vasti

Similar to the Greeva vasti, the Kati vasti is prepared with warm herbal oil, which is poured in the black gram paste over the lower back, unlike the neck back. The oil has great healing properties besides maintaining the circulation of blood and improving its metabolism. A good massage with a particular oil also ensures that your tissues are relaxed, and you do not feel the stress and depression. It is a highly beneficial massage and is often suggested by the doctors for the patients who want to ease their back pain.

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Head and Face Massage

The particular Ayurvedic massage is focused mainly on the five senses of the body, and thus the massage is done in the head, neck, and face. The main aim behind the head massage is to relax the individual from the feeling of stress. The individual is made to sit in a relaxing chair when the oil is rubbed gently on the head and then taken through the face muscles. The pressure applied on certain points of the face is known to bring a balance of energies in the body. According to the records, the therapy is known to heal the conditions of anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and much more.


The particular procedure involves the application of a herbal paste on the outer part of the body. However, the selection of the herbal paste depends on the type of condition or problem; the individual comes with. Apart from treating ailments, the herbal paste is known to have a range of benefits in treating skin problems and a number of skin infections.

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