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Body Massage in Bangalore

Massage is one among the popular way to get rid off tension & pressure. Due to work hectic many people forget to take care of their health. Massage is the best way to take care of your health.

Angel Body Spa is the best massage center in bangalore. Here you can get body to body, Thai, Nuru, female to male, Ayurvedic, sandwich & oil massage from the experienced masseur. Contact us now to take body massage in bangalore.

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Body to body Massage:

massage in bangalore

The main aim of the body to body massage is to get rid of pressure and tension and most of the people who prefer this type of massage as it helps the clients experience a complete sensation throughout the rubbing experience.

There are experienced masseurs to rub the body in this case. The masseur rubs your body against her figure. This type of manipulation has a complete sexual satisfaction since it’s sensual and thus it helps to relax the physique and mind from the motions of body rub and the resultant friction.

Body to Body massage is one of the famous treatment. In Bangalore only few of the Spa provide best treatments and Angel Body Spa is one among that.

Male to male massage: - Gay massage

Angelbodyspa is offers professional male to male massage service. Some of the men comfortable with male masseur. This is often called as Gay massage in Bangalore.

Foot Massage

The benefits of foot massage are amazing. After a long day, our feet tend to swell as a result of standing and walking. Foot spa improves blood circulation and prevents foot related injuries. Every once in a while, foot treatment is recommended for total relaxation.

In foot there are lots of veins which directly connected to heart, brain and all other parts in our body. So, once these veins are stimulated and activated, the whole body becomes relaxed. This is why Foot massage considered as best massage.

Head Massage

Head massage is essential massage for all people. In the head most functioning part brain is there. The good blood flow to brain helps you to active & healthy. That is why head massage is so famous. We can use various oil like Olive oil, coconut oil, lavender oil & Neem oil to massage your head.

Sandwich massage:

In this massage you can choose two girls to rub your body. The name itself you can understand about the massage service. Yes you are sandwiched in between tow beautiful girls.

That is why it is called Sandwich massage. It is very famous in foreign countries. Now Indian people also like to take massage. You can also take this massage in bangalore.

Sex massage:

You can take sex after complete the massage session. Because sex is the best way to maintain your health.

Whatever body problem, you never mind come our spa and take sex massage, your all pain & stress will gone immediately.

Erotic massage:

Erotic massage is helped men to ejaculate the cum and get rid of the tension. Erotic massage is the popular massage in bangalore.

Oil Massage:

It is a Kerala type Oil massage and it is most effective way to get rid of tension and pressure. Come and take Oil massage to cool your body.

Powder Massage:

We use massage powder to rub your body. All are Ayurvedic and no side effect. This massage is most effective for male & female.

Deep Tissue Massage:

This type of massage is performed more deeply upon the muscle and tissue compared to other types. Due to the nature of this message, it is very beneficial in treating various types of chronic pain.

Why should you engage Angel SPA?

Apart from the flexibility offered in service delivery, our packages are also affordable. Most spa in Bangalore offer conventional and traditional spa services. Our services are unique and clean.

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Some other Important Massage offered by Angel Body SPA:

Female to male massage:

deep tissue spa

In this there is a range of services like the female to male, nude, Thai and the Swedish spa, the Ayurvedic therapy is also available.

In female to male spa, females offer the body to body massage services to men by rubbing their physique on the client’s male body. In Angelbodyspa, the male client is allowed to touch and have fun with the female clients and you can ask whatever you want from her with maximum cooperation. We provide cheap package for female to male spa in Bangalore which is 2500 Rs for one session.

There are different prices;

  • Female to male spa without sex is 2500Rs
  • Female to male: 3000Rs inclusions of all massage types, oral, handjob, sex, throat fucking and more

In the B2B rubbing center there are many trained professional young female masseur and in the spa, there is a private room for the clients occupied by only you and the girl chosen by you. The rooms are spacious and sophisticated, very neat and sweet smelling environment with sensual music systems in the parlour rooms.

Due to the privacy, great service and the trust build in our clients you can take a body to body spa in Bangalore with females and nude massages. Feeling women’s breasts massing the whole of your figure can be a lifetime experience. The soft pressure of her bones lean and glide against yours gives the relaxing effect of the B2B kneading from the hard nipples on your skin makes the this rub a sensual experience.

massage in bangalore

In nude massage, both you and the masseur are completely naked, she applies oil completely on her figure and applies on you too then the female masseur glides her body on your muscle.

The softness gives the eventual feeling during the session.

During the body to body massage therapy, the masseur rubs your body with her boobs, arms and knees and this helps you feel relaxed, stress-free regain your well-being.

The main objective of the B2B spa service is for the client to reach orgasm and ejaculation. It’s important to undertake BtoB massage with us once in a week if you would like to get over your sexual problems, regain your well-being and live a stress-free life since the B 2 B massage gives a relieving effect to the client.

Thai massage:

It’s an ancient or an old healing system which involves the Indian Ayurvedic principles and the assisted yoga postures. In this type, the client remains with the clothes on during the treatment process and there is a constant body contact between the client and the masseur.

body to body massage in bangalore

The client has to put on loose and comfortable clothing and then lies on a mattress or on the floor and from the ancient practice its only performed with two people in a room with the masseur and the client even though there can be a number of clients in a room at the same time.

The client then will have to assume different variety positions of yoga as the Thai spa follows designated lines in the body. There are two modes of the Thai massage which is the traditional mode and the ancient mode in which the difference is always felt by the client.

There are various styles are available includes the royal style and the Thai massage.

The massage operates on an assumption that the body is permeated with air which when inhaled into the lungs travels through the whole body and which the masseur is able to manipulate manually.

The Thai spa can help people relax, relieve muscles that ache, boost the client's mood, it also increases blood circulation in the body, therefore, the client is able to achieve relief, sense of well-being and general body relaxing, at the Angels body spa the services are provided with well-trained professionals made of young females.

It's advisable that the Thai rub is administered on a weekly basis so that the client is able to receive full benefits of the massage.

massage center

It’s the most preferred treatment to relax both the body and the mind. Unlike other types, Thai massage does not involve any application of oils or body cream. It deals with firmness than rubbing the figure. This service is fully provided by affordable Thai massage spa in Bangalore (AngelBodySpa). In order for the client to receive full benefits from the Thai massage treatment, the masseur must fully adhere to the rules and pay close attention to the details and this makes the spa the best place to have the service due to the great professionals.

The Thai manipulation treatment starts with a meditation treatment and some stretching, this helps reduce the body’s stress and tension, improving the blood flow and the general beauty

Bangalore is the capital city of Indian state of Karnataka, it's located in southern India on the Deccan plateau with a population of 8.42 million.

Kerala Ayurvedic massage :

Kerala Ayurvedic massage is one of the main massage technique. We offer professional Ayurvedic massage in Bangalore by native Kerala massage girls. They are experienced massage therapist have solid knowledge in massage. We are using natural and ayurvedic oil to massage your body. Visit Angel Body Spa to take Kerala Ayurvedic massage in Bangalore.

Swedish massage

When you think about massage, you can't simply neglect Swedish spa therapy. It is a western style rub-down technique popularly known as Swedish massage in Bangalore.

The main objective of the Swedish rub is to relax the whole body which is done by gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Apart from relaxing the body, the Swedish massage has the following benefits;

1. Improving the oxygen level in the blood

2. Reduces toxins in the muscles

3. Reduces tension

4. Improves flexibility

5. Get rid of chronic muscle pain

During the Swedish spa, the therapist oils the whole body and starts performing strokes, the movements created help to warm up muscle tissue, tension release and breaking of muscle knots.

It’s important to inform the therapist if you have any injuries on your body or other conditions before starting the Swedish therapy, these may include;

1. Allergies

2. Pregnancy

During a Swedish body rub, the client is generally nude underneath a towel and the therapist only uncovers the body part that they are working on at that moment.

The Swedish massage is applied by the hand or palm by applying circular pressure and stretching before and during the Swedish treatment session. One of the advantages of the Swedish spa is that it can be tailored to meet your specific or customized needs.

The Swedish spa can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing depending on what the therapist want to achieve at the end of the rubbing process.

massage center

Swedish massage cost vary from day spa and resort spa.

Swedish massage is usually used for health and medical purposes and it usually Swedish Kneading seekers whereby the masseur is able to stimulate hormones by touching or rubbing the most sensitive parts of the body.

Full Body massage:

Full body massage consist of taking body massage for whole body. In this massage you can feel the absolute heaven. From head to toe you can take massage for every parts of your body. You can either choose oil, cream, or gel to take massage your body.

Happy Ending Massage:

Happy ending is one of the pleasure feeling. After taking your massage you can choose happy ending massage. In this type of massage the masseur helps to release cum by doing happy ending massage. If you are doing by own means its not that much satisfaction. But the hot female masseur doing means it will be more pleasure. So, Contact Angel Body SPA for take happy ending massage.

Chocolate MASSAGE:

Chocolate Massage Service in hi-class accommodation with shower room , bath tub & Jacuzzi facilities at all separated room, attractive good looking therapist selection and a good full body massage service will make full satisfied with relax your body & mind.

Sensual Massage:

It is actually sex massage. At the end you are allowed to shower bath. Sensual massage is also for pleasure seekers. The Penis massage also called as Organism massages are two sensual massages. In this type of massage you feel good pleasure and relaxation.

Massage Oils used by Angel Body SPA:

If the body is tired and very painful, the massage is once everybody is doing it. Once the body gets massaged once a week, the body is less painful and the body is very refreshing. In addition to massaging the body for the body, the blood circulation in the body increases and the body will be relaxed. If oil is massaged and hot oil, it will still be hot. There are many oils to massage your body oil.

Most people use only good oil and coconut oil. But not only these, more oils are used to massage the body. All of these oils can relieve body pain and can cause many problems in the skin. In particular, stretch marks, skin dryness, difficult skin problems can be prevented by massaging the body.

Well, let's see what oils you can use to massage the body now. At Oil massage in Bangalore we uses following oil for massage session.

Olive oil

Massage with olive oil, skin dryness can be crippled and body pain will decline well.

Almond oil

Almond oil is the best oil for all types of skin. If you massage this oil, your body will have to weaken and dry skin.

Mustard oil

If massaged with mustard oil, the tired muscles are well refreshed and the bones are stronger.

Avocado oil

Massage with aromatic oils such as lavender oil, avocado oil, increases the color of the skin and deterioration.

Coconut oil

Massage your body with coconut oil, tightening the skin and having a good moisture. And it is a daily oil that can be tired to the body, and the skin is soft.

Castor oil

Gloss is also a great benefit to the hair, not only for the skin. The good oil is good for all skin types. And it will postpone the old look.

Grape seed Oil

There are many beauty benefits in the grape seat oil. You can also massage this oil with a soft and clean skin.

Sesame oil

If you want to massage the body, everyone is the oil that is the first choice. Our ancestors also massaged with this oil. If you massage this oil, the color of the skin will increase.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is not only used for cooking. It is rich in linseed acids, palmitic acid and stearic acid. All of this helps to make the skin soft and beautiful.

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There are a variety of service in Angelbodyspa in Bangalore as explained above with professional masseurs and if you need the services you can book with both men and women.

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  • Couple Massage
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